Schengen Scholarships without IELTS 2022 Study in Europe

Schengen Scholarships without IELTS 2022 | Study in Europe

Today we are here with an exciting post; yes, you have heard it right; today, we are here with the List of Schengen Scholarships without IELTS 2022. Students looking for scholarships in European Countries are encouraged to go through this post and apply for these opportunities. Students can apply to 26 European Countries; there is no need for IELTS for Schengen admission; students need to prove their English proficiency letter.

The Fully Funded Schengen Scholarships are announced for 2022-2023. In these scholarship programs, candidates are given a choice of alternate choices of exams for IELTS. Students can secure admission in Schengen countries if they can show the proof of English Proficiency Certificate. All International students are eligible to apply for these Schengen Scholarships 2022; therefore, don’t miss out.

These scholarships in Schengen Countries are fully funded. They will cover all your expenses, including free education, a Free study visa, Monthly Stipend, the Allocation of hours to work on a study visa, Accommodation facility, Health insurance, Airfare tickets, and much more. Most international students dream of getting admission to Schengen Universities, but most of the students are not aware of the procedure or have financial issues. Well, don’t worry about it. Today, in this post, we will provide every solution to the students who face problems for securing admission.

Details About Schengen Scholarships without IELTS 2022

  • Country: Europe
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Program Available: Multiple
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded

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List of Schengen Scholarships for International Students:

Now let’s discuss the scholarship programs that are available in Schengen countries for International Students:

#1 Rhodes Scholarships

The Rhodes scholarship is fully-funded in Europe offered each year by the Univesity of Oxford. Rhodes scholarship offers Master’s & Ph.D. degree programs to International students. The University’s acceptance rate is 17.5%; students who want to study at the University of Oxford are encouraged to apply for Rhodes scholarships.

#2 Gates Cambridge University Scholarships:

The Gates Cambridge University scholarships are announced each year for International Students. The scholarship is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The scholarship offers Master’s & Ph.D. degree programs at the University of Cambridge. Students who want to pursue their Higher Education at the University of Cambridge must apply for this scholarship program.

#3 Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarship is given to the International Students who belong to the commonwealth countries. The scholarships are Fully Funded, which will cover all your costs during the scholarship program. The commonwealth scholarships offer masters and Ph.D. programs to International students. The scholarship criteria are set on the candidate’s leadership skills, academic performance, creativity, and financial needs.

#4 Chevening Scholarships 2022-23

The Government of British Fully funds the scholarship. The scholarship is given to International students to study in Europe; the scholarship covers almost the total costs of scholars. The scholarships are for students who want to pursue their Master’s degree program.

#5 Nottingham Scholarships

The Nottingham Scholarships are given to African, Indian, or commonwealth students. The scholarship covers 50%-100% tuition fees. The best thing about the Nottingham Scholarships is that they don’t require IELTS.

#6 Reach Oxford Scholarship

Reach the University of Oxford offers oxford scholarships; all International students are eligible for this scholarship program. The scholarship will cover all your expenses during the scholarship program. The scholarship covers almost all fields except medicine. Reach Oxford scholarship offers bachelor, Masters & Ph.D. programs.

#7 University of Sussex Scholarships

The scholarship offers bachelor, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs for International Students. The acceptance rate of the University of Sussex is 83%. The scholarship is open for international students with no Ielts requirement to apply for this scholarship program.

#8 Great Scholarships 2022

Great Scholarships are offered to students who want to pursue Master’s or Post Graduate programs from the United Kingdom. The scholarship carries a minimum worth of 1000 pounds per annum. Students who wish to pursue Postgraduate and Master’s degrees in Europe should not miss out on Great Scholarships 2022.

#9 Clarendon Scholarships

The University of Oxford offers Clarendon Scholarships for International Students. The scholarships are fully funded. The scholarship is for Masters & Ph.D. degree programs. Clarendon provides 150 scholarships to international students. Students belonging to any part of the world can apply for this scholarship program. The acceptance rate of this program is 17.5%.

#10 University of Warwick Scholarships

The University of Warwick offers Undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. programs for International Students; The University has an acceptance rate of 10%. No application fee is charged for a Ph.D. program, whereas for other programs, 35-pound fees are applicable for Standard application and 60-pound fees for a paper application.

#11 Sheffield Hallam University scholarships

The scholarship offers bachelor, Masters & Ph.D. degree programs; the University of Sheffield Hallam Scholarships covers Accommodation, Health Insurance, Airfare tickets, Tuition Fees, and maintenance allowance. All International students can apply for the Sheffield Hallam Scholarships; the acceptance rate is 43%.

#12 University of Bristol Scholarships

The University of Bristol scholarships are given to domestic and international students. The scholarship is for Bachelor, Masters & Ph.D. programs with an acceptance rate of 67.3%.

#13 London South Bank University

This University offers multiple scholarships to International students, including International Merit Scholarship, Loyalty Award, On-campus London South Bank Merit Scholarship, etc. The scholarship does not require an IELTS requirement. The acceptance rate of London South Bank University is 17%.

#14 University of Manchester Awards

The scholarship is offered to the students of South Asia. The University of Manchester Master Awards is given totally on merit bases. If you have had an excellent academic record, leadership skills & research potential, then you should not miss out on this scholarship program.

#15 University of Edinburg Scholarships 2022

The scholarships are given to International Students. The University of Edinburgh has an acceptance rate of 10%. It does not charge any application fee while applying for the scholarship program. The scholarships are offered for the Undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

#16 Cambridge Masters Studentships

The scholarship awards are for the students enrolled in the University of Cambridge for the Master’s degree programs. The scholarship’s worth is 12000 pounds.

#17 British Council Women Stem Scholarships

The scholarship is for the women in stem projects who want to carry out graduate education in the United Kingdom. This fully-funded scholarship includes visa costs, travel allowance, tuition fee, and stipend. Women belonging to East Asian, South Asian & American backgrounds are eligible to apply for British Council Women stem scholarships.

#18 University of Birmingham Scholarships 2022

The University offers plenty of scholarships to International Students. The scholarships are provided for the Graduate, Undergraduate and postgraduate programs. No IELTS is required for the University of Birmingham scholarships.

#19 President Ph.D. Scholarships 2022

President Ph.D. scholarships are for those who want to pursue their Ph.D. studies from the Imperial College London. The scholarship covers total tuition fees, living allowance, and allowance of 2000 pounds an annum.

#20 International Sports Management Scholarships

The scholarship is offered at the University of London to attain a sports management certificate; All international students can apply for this scholarship program. No IELTS is required in the application process for International Sports Management scholarships.

#21 Islamic Development Bank Imperial Scholarships

The scholarships are for students with excellent academic achievement. The scholarship is offered for the Postgraduate programs from Imperial College London. the scholarship covers all the expenses of the scholars, which includes Monthly Stipend, Health coverage, Travel allowance, and much more

#22 China Scholarship Council Imperial College:

The scholarship is specifically for the nationals of China. Scholarship offers postgraduate programs at the Imperial College London. Chinese citizens with outstanding academic achievements are encouraged to apply for this scholarship program.

#23 Ahmet Ertegun Memorial Scholarships

The Ahmet Ertegun Memorial Scholarships are for the nationals of Turkey. The scholarship is offered to pursue an undergraduate degree program from Oxford. The scholarship covers a Living stipend, Airfare tickets. Full tuition fee.

#24 Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships

The scholarships are offered for Pakistan, Bangladesh, India & Burma nationals at Bursaries. The students will study in London in this scholarship program.

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